Outreach at Midland FUMC

Midland FUMC is a congregation that places a high priority in following Jesus’ command to “Love your neighbor!”  Our love is made real in supporting our neighbors locally, around our state, throughout our nation and around the world.   We believe strongly in God’s love for all people, therefore we desire to reach out with help and hope to those who are hurting in our world.  Midland FUMC’s involvement comes in numerous ways, teaming with others to make the greatest impact possible.  We support agencies, programs and missionaries locally and around our world that makes our love tangible in real ways for food, clothing, healing, housing, shelter, and spiritual needs.  We offer our support financially, by our volunteer hours of hands-on serving, as well as giving leadership in agencies that work toward those efforts.  Mission teams are a regular part of our service whether serving locally in building homes through Habitat for Humanity, traveling around the United States and regularly going beyond the United States border to serve.

For more detailed information on topics related to outreach activities at Midland First United Methodist Church, visit the following links: